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Ted Nelson: Zigzag

The Zigzag® Database and Visualization System

In November 2010 a programming team assembled at Internet Archive in a code sprint to create a prototype of the future of browsing, Ted Nelson's Zigzag.

Team Zigzag:
Edward Betts, Ted Nelson, Marlene Mallicoat, Art Medlar, Andrew Pam, Jeffrey Ventrella

Team Zigzag

About ZigZag:

We believe the computer world can be simplified and unified. Today, ordinary people must deal with an appalling variety of programs and mechanisms to maintain their information.

We have discovered a new simplification based on one simple concept: a new, liberated form of data that shows itself in wild new ways.

Conventional data structures-- especially tables and arrays-- are confined structures created from a rigid top-down specification that enforces regularity and rectangularity.

But this structure (our trademark is ZigZag®) is created from individual relations, bottom-up; it can be irregular and unlimited.

Its uses range from database and spreadsheet to unifying the internals of large-scale software.

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Ted Nelson: Zigzag
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